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Through a variety of investment vehicles, PCH will strive to develop a co-operative, global investment-finance and investment management environment for the benefit of our shareholders, local stakeholders and overseas partners..

Our activities will cover a whole spectrum of Maldivian and overseas investments in private enterprise including joint ventures, seed and early-stage venture through development capital and private equity including management buy-outs and buy-ins. Moreover, we can attract funds and invest in term debt, equity and structured working capital/asset requirements of qualified enterprises and/or projects.

Our investment ventures will meet charter defined risk and return criteria that are tailored to attain specified time-framed goals aimed to generate maximum  returns to our shareholders. As an investment manager, PCH will direct  the  commercial  operations  of its funds and investments on behalf of its shareholders and craft the investment decisions set forth in its charter.

PCH's primary role as an investment finance and investment management company is to:

  • Manage existing capital
  • Raise the required capital
  • Identify, investigate and invest in suitable
  • investment opportunities
  • Generate above-market returns on it’s investments
  • Carry out the administrative functions of the investments
  • Provide management assistance to invested businesses
  • Deal with and report to the concerned parties as required and set out  in the investment charter
  • Develop and implement exit strategies for investments with a view to maximizing shareholder’s capital

Under it’s charter, PCH has no restrictions in investing in any industry, provided the laws, rules and regulations of the Republic of Maldives permit an investment and provided the investment is financially feasible with an attractive return..

However, every project will go through a thorough investigation and evaluation process by our team of appraisers before the Board of Directors grant approval to proceed.

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