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PCH has been incorporated to assume charge of well established and successful range of businesses owned and operated by the family of the owners. Our predecessor companies were front-runners in wholesale and general consumer trading in Malé, since the 80’s.

They had ventures in the lucrative tourism industry, and assets of significant sizes and values. To sustain a vibrant and dynamic business entity, the family has decided to pool its assets under a professionally managed company which will adapt to the challenges and demands of the business environment. On behalf of the family, the senior member of the family, Mr. Mohamed Shaweed has now been assigned the important task of driving the company forward until a younger generation is ready to take over.

Mr. Mohamed ShaweedMr. Mohamed Shaweed
Mr. Mohamed Shaweed is the chairman of the Board of Directors and the President of PCH. Mr. Shaweed is also in charge of the inheritance and represents his family in all aspects of business. Mr. Shaweed is well respected among the business community and has in-depth knowledge and experience in a broad range of businesses, from general consumer trading to investments in the tourism industry. He is also the Chairman and Director of VB Brothers Private Limited; a company engaged in general trade of consumer items. Mr. Shaweed’s academic background is in business, finance and hotel management.

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Mr. Ahmed Shiyam
Ms. Mariyam Shifa
Ms. Khawlath Faheem
Mr. Ali Shiyam
Ms. Aminath Ashfa
Mr. Hassan Shiyam

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