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Since the mid-70’s, the Maldivian economy has seen double-digit growth, strongly propelled initially by the traditional business of shipping and fisheries, and later, and more dynamically, by tourism. Strong governmental planning, strategic positioning and purposive sponsorship of the Maldives as a world-class tourist destination has resulted in average growth rate of over 12% over the last two decades even as it continues to expand at around 8% per year. Industry experts opine that returns on investment in the tourism industry of Maldives are among the highest globally.

Despite a buoyant economy and attractive financial returns, there is a shortage of investment capital and professional investment management firms. Global investors have not yet fully appreciated the prospects and potential that lies within Maldives, and the few external institutions that have entered the country have been largely developmental.

Although government and local financial institutions have made commendable strides to keep pace with the rapidly growing preferences of the burgeoning tourism and resort industry, this is becoming increasingly intricate.

The needs for resources far outstrip existing funding sources and investment dynamics. Traditional relationship models and business paradigms are seemingly feeble to the challenge of keeping with the dynamic tempo within which capitalistic endeavors operate.

It was partly in response to these realities that Platinum Capital Holdings Private Limited (PCH), an investment finance and investment management company, was conceptualized. More specifically, PCH primarily came into being in order to manage the founding family’s assets, and to facilitate access to the dynamic global financial network in a structured manner.

The family owned extensive asset holdings of significant sizes and values until the formation of PCH, Which were managed under various entities. The owners-shareholders of the company foresaw the enormous opportunities vis-à-vis the corresponding need to harness these assets under a professional management, as these holdings continue to flourish and grow.

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